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Experience is a virtue.
My models did not receive any instructions before posing. They assumed "their" pose, and I listened to personal stories.
Looking at my work, you will momentarily experience sadness, hope, loss, salvation, confusion, heartbreak, fear and bliss all shared in one pose. Behind each person is a personal story and acquired experience, each person has the right to share this story with the world. And I, as an artist, am the translator of these stories through art.
Their candid poses and emotions remind us that people are capable of more than we think.


● 2022 - private exhibition, Örebro, Sweden
● 2022 - "Occupation" project as part of the residence, Biennale Open Art., Sweden
● 2021 - Stein Gallery, ‘Open Day 4’ group exhibition sale. Kyiv, Ukraine.
● 2021 - 'Self-identification' personal exhibition, Urban Space, Kyiv, Ukraine.
● 2021 - a collaboration exhibition with the poet Serhiy Zhadan. Kharkiv, Ukraine.
● 2021 - "Self-identification" personal exhibition, Municipal Gallery. Kharkiv, Ukraine
● 2021 - Stein Gallery, ‘Open Day 2’ group exhibition sale. Kyiv, Ukraine.
● 2021 - performance at exhibitions, Manufaktura gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
● 2021 - "Big Girls" personal exhibition, Manufaktura gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
● 2020 - group exhibition 'the Beginning' Aetitud gallery. Porto, Portugal.
● 2021 - group exhibition-sale, `Korners` auction house. Kyiv, Ukraine.
● 2019 - performance as part of the exhibition, Izone Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
● 2019 - "Big girls" personal exhibition. Izone Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
● 2019 - group exhibition of graphics, Izone gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
● 2014 - "Graphics" personal exhibition. Kyiv, Ukraine


My name is Anastasia Usenko, I was born in Ukraine/Kyiv in 1994.

My first experience as an artist happened when I was 5 years old, when my mother brought home a large roll of paper from her work as a set designer, and I could tear off pieces from it and draw freely. It was during this period that I realized that I wanted to continue my career in this field.

I entered an art school, where I received a secondary education in painting.
She then continued her studies at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv, where she completed her master's deree at the easel graphics department.
It was here that I expanded my knowledge in many graphic techniques, such as etching, linocut, monotype, xylography, mixing techniques, book illustration.

I work mainly with large formats, writing works on "bare" fabrics of various textures and colors without using a canvas primer. I experiment a lot with materials, I often write on fabrics that have been used, for example, on sheets and. etc.
The basis of my art is the figurative/body through which I broadcast important messages and contexts.
After February 24, 2022, I evacuated from the war in Ukraine to Sweden.
I live and work in Sweden.

The paintings of Anastasiia Usenko are in private collections in Ukraine, Sweden, Canada, USA, Spain, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania.


● In 2000-2011 she graduated from the State Art High School named after T.G. Shevchenko, painting department in the studio of Vitkovskaya
● 2010 studio Shapovalenko
● 2011-2017 National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture (NAOMA),
- Department of Graphic Arts
workshop of graphics Mykola Kompanets (Kyiv, Ukraine)